Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Monday!

Monday's are still part of my weekend so I can afford to be happy about them. I hope you all had a great weekend and that you moms out there had a fantastic mothers day.

I had a good mothers day but a looooong weekend. It has been a long time I have been required to do any manual labor, but this is what I worked on this weekend. It looks like I'm  having a yard sell.

All that washing, sanding, spraying, painting had me turning in early every night! I also had a little session on Saturday. Not a day I usually do sessions but this one had special circumstances, so I agreed to let them come in on a weekend. The baby was happy and I got to use my new bad again so it all worked out.
She also inspired the look for that new high dresser you can see in that mess of furniture photos above. Hoping to post it finished later this week so be sure to check back!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Steel Pipes Make For Sweet Dreams

I forgot to take a before photo of this weeks big project but I googled it and found one on the Internet that looks just like it, only shorter. Our pipe was so long it started in the cab of the pickup and ended about 4 feet after the tailgate.

And here is the after

Actually that is right after I broke it while distressing it. For some reason it didn't hold up to well to me dragging it around upside down in our gravel driveway. But Hubs fixed the weld and got it all back together in time for todays session.

So here's how I used it.

It doesn't really make as big of a statement as I wanted it to. I'm thinking I need to change the color. Maybe teal or a bright green. What do you think?

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Waiting For Paint To Dry

I was inspired.



Before I was a photographer I was a digital artist. I used to do these sorts of things all the time, only using portraiture instead of buildings or landscapes. Here's one I did for my baby C a few years ago.

This is how it started out

So as I was waiting for paint to dry I was reading my blog roll. I came across this post by Faded Prairie showing the fantastic art of Distressed Jewell. It reminded me of my old art days, it also reminded me of this photo I had of an old church. So I had to give it a try.

Distressed Jewell offers a whole slew of textures to purchase on her website, and some free ones through her Flicker account. I however already have a whole library of textures so i used what I had on hand. Jewell's textures are fantastic though and I will be adding them to my collection in the future, but not right now. If I add them right now I'll spend all day playing in photoshop and I won't ever get back to painting!

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What to do with too many props

and not enough space? Use your props to decorate your studio!

My local photography specialty is newborns and small children. I have lots of toddlers in and out of here, so I have lots of small chairs. I had so may chairs I was running out of places to put them. Not anymore. This is my new favorite use of my small chairs.
By using them as easels and shelves! This gives me more places to display prints as well as gets my chairs in out of the way, but useful places. Now I have room to buy more chairs, you really can never have to many chairs!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Little Boy Blue & Things That Make Me Happy

I love little girls. I have two of my own, and no boys. When I shop for my photography props I am always shopping for the girls, the boys are always last on my mind. So I bought my last background with boys in mind, and I have been looking for a blue velvet chair for ages. This is what I found.

Not exactly the style I was looking for but I have been looking for so long I thought I could make it work. Following advice from my "Help The Noobs" post I taped off the fabric. I think this step took longer then all the rest put together!!

And here is my Little Boy Blue Chair. I can't wait for my next little man to come in for photos - this week it's all girls though. :)

 I gave it three coats of an oil based spray can primer, and a coat of spray gloss poly. Now here's my noobs question for the day: Can I sand the poly and keep the shine? I couldn't really tell where the spray was going and it got a little heavy and ran, so I have a few drip marks. I'm guessing I would have to spray another coat of poly after I sanded? Hopefully some of you more experienced redoers can help a poor girl out and offer some advice.

The pattern in the fabric bothers me just a little but I'm hoping if I use a low enough aperture it will blur out enough not to be so noticeable.

And now, what makes me happy?

Babies, balloon, tutus and belly buttons and here's a shot I took last week that has all 4.
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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Not An Ugly Duckling

I had a hard time finding any before photos of this little couch. I found some photos of each of the girls on it that are YEARS old. I think they are 5 and 2 years old in these photos.

They are 12 and 9 now! I also found a close up that Maddie (the now 12 year old) took about a year and a half ago of our Daisy May as a baby, out like a light.

There we some photos of it before it was glazed in my last post and here it is now!

After further research on the subject *scouring Miss Mustard Seed's blog* I decided to use burnt umber universal tint from Sherwin Williams as my glaze because my "Butter White" was very close in color to her SW Cream. I think I may have went a little heavy with the glaze but I still love the effect and the way the carvings now pop. I also love that it is very close in tone now with the fabric. I can't wait to put a baby on there. I think the newborn I have coming in this week will be too small for it, but the 9 month old should be just about right! I just hope she brings a great outfit to go with it!

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