Thursday, May 5, 2011

Steel Pipes Make For Sweet Dreams

I forgot to take a before photo of this weeks big project but I googled it and found one on the Internet that looks just like it, only shorter. Our pipe was so long it started in the cab of the pickup and ended about 4 feet after the tailgate.

And here is the after

Actually that is right after I broke it while distressing it. For some reason it didn't hold up to well to me dragging it around upside down in our gravel driveway. But Hubs fixed the weld and got it all back together in time for todays session.

So here's how I used it.

It doesn't really make as big of a statement as I wanted it to. I'm thinking I need to change the color. Maybe teal or a bright green. What do you think?

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  1. The bed is so cute! If it's between teal and bright green, I'd go for the teal. But I really like how it is now!

  2. Turquoise! ;) Adorable photo! Come by & sign up for my continual giveaway...this week a $100 giveaway! And a few of my recent posts about furniture and bird cages...and a hilarious story about me! ;) Meme

  3. Glad you liked the industrial cart. You and my husband think alike on it! And it's starting to convince me that I need to keep it :). Thanks for leaving such a nice note on my blog!