Wednesday, January 28, 2015

It Rained - IN MY HOUSE!!!!

I know it's been forever since I posted here! To be honest I was sick for most of 2014, but I don't like to post much of those details on this blog so if your curious I plan on also updating my Diary of a Crohnie blog later today....... yea, it might happen. :)

Any-who, last summer we started a remodel, you know me I don't have photos. Part of the remodel required us to extend the eves on our roof. So over Labor Day weekend we removed the west side of the roof and extended the eves. Kurt put tarps, and weighted them down to protect from the foretasted rain and he left the house.

10 minutes later the tornado sirens went off, and it was raining IN my house!!!!  15 minutes after that Kurt got back home, he would have been home sooner but her couldn't see! The rain came down sideways, the wind was so bad. In town was flooded. Friends that had been here helping roof were calling, and they all came back to help clean up. It was crazy and I didn't get a lot of photos but here is one I did get:

This photo was taken the next day. This is where my bed used to be. My bed that was now a giant sponge. I didn't know water could do so much damage in just 15 minutes! The entire west side of my house was ruined! Thank goodness we had home owners insurance, and thank goodness we had photos of the tarps on the roof or they wouldn't have covered the damage. 

It was awful and scary and I am still living with a partially finished house, but there were some bright sides. The reason we had done a bump out and needed to extend the eves was because we had moved our basement steps, so that we could eventually move the kitchen. We are not wealthy people, and we were doing the remodel as we could afford it. After the water damage though everything we had already done had to be ripped out. Every wall on the west side of the house had to be ripped out. Including my master bedroom, which is where we wanted to eventually put the kitchen. So we decided to take out a loan and push up our remodel. 

Remember this shot of my bedroom:

Well right now this same area looks like this:

That window back there on the left, is the same window on the left in my bedroom photo!! Honestly it's just slightly farther along then that, but it's really hard to keep a clean house while living in a remodel so I'll take photos again after the counter tops get here. :)

One last photo, I want to say how thankful we are for great friends and family. This was the crew of people that showed up the next day to help pull off everything that was done the day before, remove the soaking wet insulation and then put it all back together again.

Many of them were here late the night before helping with clean up inside the house! We are truly blessed.