Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Little Boy Blue & Things That Make Me Happy

I love little girls. I have two of my own, and no boys. When I shop for my photography props I am always shopping for the girls, the boys are always last on my mind. So I bought my last background with boys in mind, and I have been looking for a blue velvet chair for ages. This is what I found.

Not exactly the style I was looking for but I have been looking for so long I thought I could make it work. Following advice from my "Help The Noobs" post I taped off the fabric. I think this step took longer then all the rest put together!!

And here is my Little Boy Blue Chair. I can't wait for my next little man to come in for photos - this week it's all girls though. :)

 I gave it three coats of an oil based spray can primer, and a coat of spray gloss poly. Now here's my noobs question for the day: Can I sand the poly and keep the shine? I couldn't really tell where the spray was going and it got a little heavy and ran, so I have a few drip marks. I'm guessing I would have to spray another coat of poly after I sanded? Hopefully some of you more experienced redoers can help a poor girl out and offer some advice.

The pattern in the fabric bothers me just a little but I'm hoping if I use a low enough aperture it will blur out enough not to be so noticeable.

And now, what makes me happy?

Babies, balloon, tutus and belly buttons and here's a shot I took last week that has all 4.
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  1. I love the colors you chose for the chair! Very Cute!

  2. You will need to add more poly after sanding the existing. It's a beautiful chair! I came THIS close to scoring one yesterday, but no such luck. I am not giving up, though!

  3. I love the white its a nice updated look :) Stop by for a blog visit. New follower

  4. It's honestly PERFECT! I have a chair just like this! It's got this hideous yellowish puke color. I painted the wood white but have no idea what color fabric to use. Thanks for the inspiration. Btw, your header is adorable!

  5. I love it! I want one good job!