Monday, August 5, 2013

The Flip Contest!

Last month I found out my town was having a FLIP contest. Each team had to come up with three items to flip. 1) an item made from pallets 2.) a man cave item and 3) a storage item. We had to keep track of expenses and we had to sell our items on our main street during something our town calls "Market on Central". The winner was the team that made the most income after expenses.

Here is my man cave item and below it I added some photos of what it looked like before we started. 


We decided to do a tailgate bench for out man cave item. The tailgate was the most expensive item I purchased to flip at $40, but we made up for it by using salvaged wood $0. It was the last thing sold, but I already have orders for 2 more, + I want to make one for myself, only I want a blue one. 
Next up our pallets, I decided to go for a low set coffee table:

If I were making this for myself I would have put it on huge casters, but those casters were $30 each and I got these little ones FREE at a garage sale. I also got the pallets FREE off craigslist. I will probably never ever get to make one for myself though, because my husband says he's never ever going to work with pallets again. It was fun for me to paint and stain though so I had fun with the project. It was the 2nd thing gone and actually sold to the lady in the booth next to us!

Last and most difficult for me was the storage item. I just had so many choices for this one. A vanity, two dressers, a door I could make into a hall tree thingy. I finally decided on the vanity, but I also decided the vanity should be a desk:

It turned out soooo cute! I love the mirror as a chalkboard! 12 hours before the sale started my oldest daughter was telling me to keep it and flip something else! ummm, NO! It was actually in pretty good shape, but I did have to glue two of the drawers. I stripped the top and did a darker stain then painted the rest, distressed and sealed with wax. Clear wax on the painted areas and a dark brown wax on the desk top. I also talked the lady into buying it by promising to go to her home the next day and monogram it for it, that sold it! It was actually the 1st thing to sell in the whole competition.

Guess what?

I WON!!!!!

We made a $222 profit after expenses. I sold everything and I did let them go for a little less then I would normally, but it was a contest and I wanted to win! I won a $500 gift certificate to Lily Grace On Central. Both teams also got $20 gift certificates to a local restaurant, and of course we got to keep any money we made from our sales.

All in all it was a fun event and I would have enjoyed it even if I didn't win. I have already been to Lily Grace and picked up a few new things to flip, maybe I'll even remember to blog about them. :)

Happy painting!


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