Monday, August 12, 2013

My Granny's Table

Before and after of my Grans little side table

I have had this little side table for a long, long time. My grandmother, who we referred to as Granny stripped it years before she died in 2007. When my parents downsized and  moved out of the house they shared with my grandmother they gave her table to me. It has sat in my room next to my bed ever since.

Surprisingly I even have a photo of it in there. Like the rest of the house this room is a work in progress.

Wall paint is Sherman Williams Open Air, I love it!

I gave the piece a light sanding then I stained the whole thing with MinWax Jacobean stain. When it was dry - uh mostly - ok, it might have still been a bit sticky in a few spots! I'm not very patient. I dry brushed it with my own, really crazy mix of paints. I'll give you the top secret formula, are you ready?

The dry brush technique gave a transparency to the paint letting the darkness of the stain and the imperfections of the wood show though.


1/4 cup Kiltz white primer
2 Tbs Dutchboy Platinum (paint + primer) Flat - North Coast
3 tsp ASCP Louis Blue
1/2 tsp Valspar Ultra paint + primer (NEW LABEL!!!) Flat - Lincoln Cottage Black

I told you it was crazy! A much easier way to get this color would be to buy ASCP Duck Egg, but I didn't have any and don't have a retailer anywhere near me, so I used what I had on hand.

I kept the original hardware, but let them soak in some stain to cover some yellow corroded areas.

I used two coats of Fiddes & Son wax in Rugger Brown on the top. I love this wax over dark stain, it just makes it that much richer! It also makes it so soft, I can't help but touch it when I walk by.

MinWax Jacobean stain and two coats of Fiddes & Son wax, look at that shine! You can see the typewriter and silver cup reflecting on the wood.

I'll finish it in a soft wax, but I haven't done that yet. I like to wait a few days to be sure the piece doesn't have anything else to say to me. I haven't decided it I like the blue table against the blue wall yet. Maybe it will change a little more, we'll just have to wait and see.

Here's another look at the before and after photos:

Happy Painting!


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